Rumble and Sway MixTape

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This week the theme of our MixTape is – The best new song’s you have heard this past year. Can be oldies or new songs, either way they are new to you!

This MixTape should be fun.  As is, I received the new Eminem C.D. for Christmas from my best friend.  In my opinion this is the best C.D. he has came out with…………… ever!  While listening to Eminem, I discovered on a song “Desperation” in the chorus a voice I fell in love with. Jamie N. Commons.
I would have never heard of him, in all probability, if not for the Eminem CD.
So, here’s the best new song’s I have heard the past year.

I’ll go ahead and start out with the song that brought me Jamie N. Commons.
Here is Eminem with “Desperation.”  Even if you don’t like Eminem, this song has a really catchy beat to it and it’s easy to get into it.

Here is a very good song, “Rumble and Sway” by Jamie N. Commons
 and it is so catchy.  Makes you want to get up and dance. 

I just heard this song last week.  I love her voice too.  Lana Del Rey singing “Jealous Girl.”  Also another catchy song.  So far all my music is to make my friends dance.

This next song may not be new, however, I only heard it a few months ago, so it is new to me.  I love the beat. I love the video.  I just love the song. It is Karmin singing “Acapella”

Lily Allen has been a favorite of mine.  I love her and Pink’s song “True Love.”  She reminds me of Pink in the sense that she says what’s on her mind even if it’s addressed to the President.  Vulgar language, yeah. Still I like her music and her views.  So, my last song for this MixTape is Lily Allen singing “Hard Out Here.”

This is a blog hop for Jen at My Skewed View.  I have missed a couple I think but I’m glad I seen this one in time.  I enjoyed making this one.  I’ll also enjoy hearing what other’s are listening to this year, so far.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out Raised on the Radio that Jen host with Lance and Linda. 

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