Dancing For You

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Dancing to music
from mama’s time.
Smiling shyly at you
when I caught your eye.
Young, wild, free and loving
my life at seventeen.
Knew we were more 
than a summertime fling.
Memorized how your green
eyes sparkled when you laughed.
My cheek felt branded from
where your hand gently lay.
You worried I was too young.
I swore to you I was the one.
Still can smell Jim Beam 
mixed with my perfume
when you kissed me. 
Time has passed, you’re gone.
Memories linger for so long.
Hope you can look down to see
I’m still dancing for you. 

2-13-2014 donetta sifford

Written for:  My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog 


2 responses

  1. Thank you very much.

  2. A lifetime of memories in 100 words. Nicely done.

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