Thankful of Valentine’s Weekend

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful.………… I will not miss it somehow this weekend.  Wow, after reading Lizzi’s amazing post, I feel inspired by life, if only for a little while, again.    So……………. this list may not be big but I am totally in the moment of self awareness and aware of blessings around me.

1.  I am thankful that I pushed myself and stepped outside my comfort zone in writing.  Write On The Edge and Bannerwing Books are having a contest where any genre of creative writing is acceptable, 1,000 word limit, and it has to be posted on your blog, then linked back to the challenge.  I usually always write poetry, or what I hope reads as poetry.  With this challenge and the prompt/inspiration that was given, I decided to do a short, non-fiction story.  Memoirs have always been my favorite genre.  I have tossed the idea in and back out of my mind for far too long.  Even though I secretly hoped of having one written by the time I was 30, I am glad I managed to take a piece of my life and write it in the form of a story.  I plan to post it next on this blog.  The deadline is Friday the 21st and it is in part community judged, so I am going to go ahead and get mine linked up. 

2.  I am thankful that I had a nice Valentine’s Day despite the 18 inches of snow.  My youngest missed their Valentine party at school but we have two extra days to get her Valentine Cards filled out.  I love Love Day and not for romantic reasons.  It’s just not a huge deal with family the way Thanksgiving and Christmas are.   Even though there are many various stories about why Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February, and one story that’s popular is the one where he was murdered over Christian beliefs or marrying Christian couples.  Paying no homage to the Roman Emperor led to his murder.  It is told on one occasion that before death he wrote a letter to his  lover and it ended, “Your Valentine.”  There is also the same incident except the story is told that he healed one of the jailer’s daughters, whom was blind.  Then before death, he sent her a letter with the same signature.  Regardless of how much myth gets mixed in with reality, Valentine’s Day is one of the few holidays where people aren’t trying to push their religious views onto others.  (Even my last sentence read “their religious views.”)  I accepted others have different beliefs without even doing it on purpose.  It’s hard for some.  Anyway, I also adore Valentine’s Day because of the pinks, reds, chocolates, and all the prettiful things that decorate Valentine’s Day.  However, I despise roses.  I think they smell horrible and they can be beautiful, but they are so cliche.  I had a guy buy me a flower bouquet of Daisies with Baby’s Breath here and there.  I fell in love, or at least for the remainder of 8th grade after the dance. 

3. I’m thankful my boyfriend still think of me on Valentine’s Day.  It was a surprise too because we agreed we didn’t need to spend any extra right now.  I made him a card online and printed it out.  He bought me a sweet card, and he is just not the romantic type, so it was nice. And he bought me a Dove’s chocolate heart.  

4.  Thankful for the heat of a wood stove.  I  have said this before, but it stands to be repeated.  We have had a foot and and a half of snow outside and it’s been extremely cold. 

5.  I don’t say this often enough but I’m thankful for music.  It always makes me feel better some way.  I have been listening to a lot of songs that I’m just now hearing and I love new music. 

6.  Thankful that I have started my fitness program again.  I have gained an obscene amount of weight and have been putting off exercise and in fact have not even tried to curb my appetite..  So, yesterday I done 20 minutes of dance routine  and a few yoga poses.  It’s a start.

7.   I am thankful for my Google Drive.  Sounds silly but it had synced several photos and other files I needed when the pop incident happened with my other computer, which I actually need to plug it in today and see what happens.

8.  I am very thankful to hear from a friend that I hadn’t spoken to since 2007.  We lost touch and he had actually sent me an inbox on Facebook on January 13th, my youngest daughter’s 8th birthday.  For some reason it went into my “others” folder on my messages so I just hadn’t received it until Friday.  

9.  Thankful my girls both done wonderful on their report cards and my oldest will be going on a field trip March 7th to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Monticello.  To be honest, I have been to the army base in Richmond years ago, and it’s about a 5 hour drive.  I wanted to go as a chaperone but this year I’m not going to get to.  There is always my youngest’s turn to go.  Hopefully, I can go then.

10.  I’m very thankful for Lizzi’s dedication to TTofT and so glad for the readers I have.  I hope you all come back and read my entry for the contest on Write on the Edge.  Honest, helpful feedback is welcomed.  Once I post it, I am almost positive I am not allowed to go back to edit the story.  However, any good critic is welcomed so I can make any improvements on it later if I want to. 

There you have people.  My Ten Things of Thankful.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and amazing weekend!!



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  1. Finally, there’s someone who actually likes Valentine’s Day! It seems most people are not big fans (me included). Glad you enjoyed your day.

    I’m sure your snowfall was beautiful. We got 18″ of snow three winters ago. We were homebound for nearly 2 weeks because of it, but it was lovely to look at.

    Good luck with the writing competition!

    1. It was beautiful and perfect for snowmen. It was the thick snow that sticks to everything. We were looking at more and I think it went around us. I will be glad for spring to come. Thank you for stopping by and if you get a chance, you can come read the piece I’m submitting. 🙂

  2. findingninee

    We had 20″ of snow here, too, and I hear that it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow. Ugh. We did have sledding and snowman fun though, so that’s wonderful. For a couple of hours 😉
    I love Google drive and that’s cool that you heard from a friend you hadn’t spoken to in so long – I love that!

    1. Sounds about like here. They were calling for some more snow last night and amazingly enough, the sun is shining bright this morning. 🙂

  3. yeah, we have one too (wood stove)… there is something excellent about such a ‘specific’ heat source… including having to put the wood in and generally maintain it that makes it kind of satisfying

    1. It is satisfying, especially for me on the rare occasions I have to build the fire. Maintaining it after my boyfriend gets it going is great. But starting one that actually takes off and warms the house, makes me smile inside. lol.

  4. A wood stove for heat sounds AWESOME and I’m tucked under a blanket shivering and a little bit envious right now.

    The writing competition sounds like such good fun. I’m glad you’re going for it. Might head over and check it out…see if it’s something for anyone, or just you US types 😉

    Glad you had such a happy V-day 🙂

    1. lol. I hope it’s for everyone. I will be glad for Spring.

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