Change and Routine

Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien 

Hard back then to consider

possibilities of missing that place.

Clanging noises upstairs

forcing the way into peaceful 

dreams of another life.

That was us, our bond.

Depending on each other.

You wrote passionately then

about our drive across country.

Finding the apartment building

with it’s peculiar sign.

Humid summer nights 

climbing to the roof

so I could paint the busy city
at night, listening to you

talk about our glorious future

and how we would never again

eat a peanut butter sandwich

once we made it big.

I drove the tedious five hour drive

back to our street, back to where

I was happy, the kind of happiness

that reaches into your soul 

making you believe the sadness

of the world couldn’t touch you.

Now you’re never home

though it’s not work keeping

us apart, it’s something

I can’t touch on yet.

Looking up at our old window

I wondered if another couple

had hung those blinds.

If this was two other lovers’

apartment, dwelling where we loved

without reservation.

Our future seemed entwined 

forever, we were wrapped

together by a cosmic force

that would always keep our destiny aligned.

As I think about my future now,

it hurts that I’m thinking of mine, alone.

Changes and routine somehow dance

to the same song, our song.

Fate has played me a fool,

and our love was an illusion

just like our life together

after “Apartment To Let.”

donetta.sifford  2-20-2014

written for Magpie TalesMag 207


7 responses

  1. I have actually never lived in a big city. I have spent 37 years in my home town. A small southwestern VA. used-to-be- coal mining town. Population of about 400. lol. Though I love visiting cities. I'm pretty sure they would break me.

  2. They say living in a city will “make or break” you. I guess that goes for relationships too. Sad as it is all too real.

  3. lovely! my favorite line has to be ” So I could paint the busy city at night” — it makes me think of that river of lights…

  4. This is wonderful!

  5. Sorry to comment twice, but I meant to say that I think your blog design is attractive. I forgot.

  6. I love this! You've shown the danger of making it big so well.

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