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Wonder if you’ll ever regret
all the times you had the chance
to hold me, just take me somewhere.
You see everything different somehow.
You were always laying blame at my feet.
Tried to tell you how much I loved you.
Screamed at the top of my lungs,
“Why are you so cold?”
Cried a thousand tears you laughed at.
I never wanted your money, jewelry,
shopping sprees, or trips around the world. 
The only thing I ever needed from you
was your time, you to be proud to be my man.
Maybe you’ll be relieved it’s over. 

Written for: 100 Word Song 

donetta sifford 2-11-2014


4 responses

  1. you're correct. usually if it hasn't softened by a certain age and life events, then it's not going to.

  2. it's confusing to feel one way and think the other party feels that way too. for so long. thanks for stopping by.

  3. I wonder if he will feel regret, either. Sometimes coldness and distance is very much a personality trait that doesn't soften with time.

  4. I sense a lot of regret in this piece, and confusion. Sad and melancholy, yet beautifully done.

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