The Mag 210 – Our Old Haunt

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler 

Caught a glimpse of our old haunt

featured in a magazine, your name

underneath, just like I imagined

thirty years ago as you captured 

everything you could on the camera

I bought you for Christmas that year.

I don’t remember the paint peeling 

from the ceiling, or the chair torn

to let it’s inside show, cabinets were

all in tact when we parted after a

month’s stay, booze, pills, few dollar bills

was all we seemed to need those days.

We watched that little television set.

Wish I didn’t remember how good it felt

when you bent over to see the screen

leaving a perfect place for my body 

to slide in behind you, and the light

above shone so dimly, it was romantic

in a cheap, rock and roll kind of way.

Wonder if you thought of us when you

entered the room, did your memory 
take you back to Jimmy Ray passed out 

in the floor, or was this all business?

You always could turn your heart so cold.

I’d bet your soul is colder than that room looks.

Written for: Magpie Tales
donetta sifford 3-11-2014


2 responses

  1. romantic in a cheap, rock and roll kind of way…….ya got me on that line! Class!

  2. Old haunts dig up a lot of memories…

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