National Poetry Month 2014



So today is my granny’s birthday.  Most who visit my site know that my immediate family have all passed away and my grandparents raised me.  I have written poems since I can remember grasping the concept of poetry.  My 5th grade teacher was a wonderful inspiration to me, as well as my 11th grade English teacher, whom had us keep a journal for class, and insisted on a poem once a week.  

I had written a poem in 2000 when my grandmother passed away.  It’s etched into my memory the same as her life and death are.  I am going to start off National Poetry Month and my participating in NaPoWriMo by sharing this poem I wrote for her.  


The stars burned out that night

The moon refused to shine. 

You were gone.

I stared across the skies

For a sun that would not rise

I was alone

Memories cloud my mind

A better place, a happier time.

When you were home.

Pain from missing you will last forever. 

{donetta sifford – September 12, 2000}

I also shared on my other blog, My Constant Thoughts, a poem dedicated to her and my grandfather.  Feel free to check it out.  I keep most of my poems on that blog.  I will probably end up using it for NaPoWriMo.  

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