NaPoWriMo – Day 5 – Domestic Ruins






In a few mornings no man will shave in my mirror,

so I lie in misery’s bed and savor that penultimate music:

Razor scrape and the splash of water.


After, fine black hairs ring the basin.

I stand here as if to decode them

like a gypsy girl with her oracle of tea leaves.


Still I know no more why we fail

than I did last night with the moonlight on my back

while he entered me from behind


and the pure faceless weight

of our day’s pain had us both bent

halfwise to near breaking.


How can I marry that?

In a few mornings no man

will shave his beloved face in the mirror.


What then will I stare back at? what toward?


Mary Karr – Viper Rum

For National Poetry Month and in keeping up with NaPoWriMo, which I have slipped already, due to life…………………… I’m sharing a poem from my favorite author, Mary Karr.  You can read more about Karr and her memoirs and poetry on The Poetry Foundation page.

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