Best Health Mag and BFMH 2014

2014 BFMH badge by Piper Mcenzie

2014 BFMH badge by Piper Mcenzie


It’s National Poetry Month so naturally this would be the month that my creative flow isn’t flowing at all, not even a drip.  I usually love spring and the warm weather, I suppose I still do, however, this year, I have gained an amount of weight that I’m not comfortable with.  Some weight gain is due to a new bipolar medicine I was put on in  September, and the other part is not quite having energy to do anything.  I suffer from bipolar 2 disorder, along with OCD, anxiety disorder, and I’m in substance abuse treatment.  I have to force myself to walk on warm days with my friends and daughters.  Last year, I refused to walk. I refused to do much of anything but sleep and other than making sure the girls had what they needed, I made no extra effort to spend the summer planning days of activity.  This made me more depressed than I already was.  

I am happy to say I went walking last week with my daughters and my god-daughter and I practiced yoga this evening.  I’m still getting my medications adjusted, because I have days where my energy level is good and I’m cleaning and in a decent mood.  It also doesn’t take anything in general to cause that mood to go to bad, and me hate to even look at the laundry.  My yoga was brought on by an article that showed up in my email from Best Health Magazine.  While looking at through different poses for stress, I stumbled across several helpful links for mental illness.  Since I feel like part of my pledge to The Official Blog For Mental Health is to help others and since I found several links and articles related to different mental health issues, than I wanted to share them with everyone.

Some may benefit just one person and that is awesome.  Some may have read articles or things along this line. The article I’m on right now is called “What It’s Like Living With Mental Illness.”  I hope some of these articles and videos help.  

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