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This is a huge bummer.  Trifecta closed their doors and now Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday will be on a break for awhile, or I hope it’s just a break.  Jen’s blog has not only been fun, but I love music, any type of music, as long as it makes me feel.  I have heard so many wonderful artist and songs that I never would have heard if not for Jen’s blog hop.  As the saying goes, “Music is the universal language.”………………or is that ‘love’…………??? Ah hell, this week’s theme is “Missing You or Farewell.”   <very sad face on the other side of this keyboard…………… but let's get started………… 

For my first song, Elton John just popped in my head, then as the lyrics played through my mind, I decided yes, this song makes me miss someone and is in a way a tribute and a farewell song…………. “Candle in the Wind.” 

This next song has that bittersweet sound to it and makes you miss people or things you didn’t even know you were missing.  It isn’t exactly saying farewell, but there’s a sadness in the music.  It was a wonderful song when Merrill Haggard sang it alone, and then to pair up with Jewel’s angelic voice, made it perfection.  Here is Haggard and Jewel singing “That’s The Way Love Goes.”

This list has no rhyme or reason.  Songs keep popping in my head, so I am throwing them on here without over-analyzing them.  If I think too hard, I’ll keep changing my mind until I end up blank.  With this being said, I’m sure everyone can tell how this song made it to this list.  Brooks and Dunn singing “You’re Going To Miss Me When I’m Gone.”

This next song would have to be the most popular ‘farewell’ song.  I’ll admit there were times when I’ve wondered if this song was more of a “It’s me, not you.” type deals.  Either way, I love the song.  Everyone has their version they adore, Dolly Parton’s or Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You.” For this Mix-Tape, I’m going to go with the late Ms. Whitney Houston.

For you wonderful souls that have dropped by on occasion to check out my list, then you probably are prepared for a Matchbox 20 song.  With this being the “Farewell Mix Tape”, I can’t add a # 5 without it being either the 1st band Rob Thomas played in that had several great hits, Tabitha’s Secret, or his next, more famous band, Matchbox 20, or him singing solo. I have racked my Rob Thomas filled mind and the song I came up with was “Back To Good.”

Since this is the last mix tape for awhile, I am going to cheat and throw in a number 6.  It’s been in the back of my mind since I began this post.  Besides loving Rob Thomas, I do adore other entertainers too.  Eminem being one of them.  I know he cause controversy, but he still speaks to people through his songs.  I respect every artist that makes me feel……….. as said earlier.  So, for my final song, here is Eminem singing “When I’m Gone.”  

This wraps up my Twisted Mix Tape Farewell Party.  I will try to get around to as many post as possible.  Jen, thank you so much for this wonderful blog hop. I am so glad I found it on here. Your blog has truly been phenomenal!!!  Take care and hope to see the mix up again soon.  hugs! xoxoxo

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  1. cynk says:

    Based on your post title, I thought for sure your mix was going to include that “Cups” song, but I definitely like the choices you did include.

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