Working Out Life’s Kinks


My brother, I hold a vision of us, drinking the burning liquid, watching the room spiral out of control.

Dancing to a song the other children seemed not to hear, so the myth of our craziness grows.

I always knew we’d have to pay for the simple glory that brought us such happiness. 

We tempted the powers too often, until we broke the spell, the rights we claimed weren’t ours.

An omen, black crow screaming, until I was out of sight, as I drudge up to the green hill.

Building your home like towers, to keep everyone out, you now lay in your bed alone, pallid.

Like a ripple in water, time pushes out until it has to stop again, kinks of life causing my belly to ache.

It should be I fighting for my life, trying to make my way out of the belly of the beast, not you.

You were the kind one, now unkind to me, as you turn up your nose at my outstretched hand.

Would you have me scurry back to the city as if our friendship had never been? 

Are you protecting yourself from me, or protecting me from something only you foresee? 


donetta sifford 4-15-2014  Written for:  We Wordle #14 at We Write Poems. 








6 thoughts on “Working Out Life’s Kinks

    • DonettaS says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I was hoping it made sense to someone, and I unfortunately suffer from OCD, so I had to use all the words somehow. 🙂

  1. Misky says:

    Hi Donetta, and thanks for joining in for We Wordle this week. I enjoyed reading your piece a lot, and particularly liked “time pushes out until it has to stop again” . I like the idea of that.

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