10 Things I Don’t Get

I have been out of touch lately with Monday Listicles, so this seemed like the night to reconnect.   What a great list to jump in on.  10 Things I’ll Never Understand……………….


  1. Gossip – Most gossip is based on hear say and it’s not to help anyone.  Even if it’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth, why concern yourself with other’s lives?  I have so much going on, I honestly don’t have time to keep up with “So and So” and “They” always have a lot to say anyway.
  2. Lies – This ties in kinda with # 1. but I’ll never understand someone’s desire to lie.  I don’t mean a white lie, such as: “No, Mom, your homemade gravy was great.”  Human nature seems to push us toward a lie and it’s normally based on fear of the consequence.  I have known people that lie just to be lying and there is no consequence.  No reason in the world for it. Just a complete fictional story, even about themselves, and then even after being caught up in the lie, they refuse to admit it was a lie.  I read once or twice that in order to lie, a person has to have a good memory.  So, my ability to freeze up if I’m ask to lie for a friend is a dead give away.  Then if I’m ask next week, I’ll stammer my way through that too.  
  3. Littering –  I love taking my girls swimming where I learned to swim as a child.  It’s a gorgeous place too.  Every summer my best friend and I take garbage bags with us.  We clean the entire river side and then pick up every piece of broken glass in the river we can find.  We’re a small town and nothing makes us madder than someone from out of town that’s fishing or camping to leave trash everywhere, except, the people who live here leaving their trash behind. 
  4. Animal Cruelty – This goes without needing an explanation.  Why in the world to people feel the need to be mean to animals?  Another saying I read:  “Man is the cruelest of all animals.”
  5. Wars –  As mentioned above, I have so much going on in my day to day life, I don’t have time to care if the neighbors are dancing naked in their yards.  So to have a war with another country that is across the ocean just will never make sense to me. 
  6. Age limits – Since I did bring up war, then  I must add, I will never understand why our children are allowed at 18 years old to be called adults, enlist in the military, fight for our country, and yet the drinking age limit is 21 years old.  How can someone be responsible with weapons when they aren’t responsible enough to consume alcohol in a safe manner?
  7. Racism – I haven’t understood this since I was a child in the ’80’s and so at the age of 37, and in the year 2014, I cannot wrap my mind around someone being racist. 
  8. Hot Dog Buns –  I have always wondered why the hot dogs come in packs of 8 and the hot dog buns come in packs of 6.  Which only means buying an extra pack of buns.  Then there’s more buns than hot dogs. I’m sure if I kept working on the equation – or I just did, I think…………. purchase 4 packs of hot dog buns and 3 packs of hot dogs so there is 24 of each??  hmmmmmmmmmmmm…………
  9. Algebra – I barely passed in 8th grade.  Then failed algebra in 9th and 10th grade, which is when the guidance lady called me to her office to discuss math credits for graduation.  Turns out my 8th grade D had counted as a high school credit. Frustrating to say the least.  My 6th grader is in the middle of all the craziness and now my 2nd grader’s teacher has the class dabbling in algebra and cursive.  The cursive is terrific.  The algebra, I’m not sure I’ve ever used it.
  10. Allen Wrench – While putting together my oldest daughter’s new bed she got for Christmas, I discovered I despise the Allen Wrench and the time it takes to get that little tool to do it’s job.  Of all the inventions known to man kind, couldn’t they make this item more usable, as in no cramps in my fingers from turning and turning this device, and not having a complete grip on it.  This could just be me. 


This is my post for Monday Listicles..


2 responses

  1. Great list! I don’t understand lies or the people that feel the need to lie either!! Happy Friday!

  2. I agree our age limits make. no. sense! and, oh, the hot dog bun dilemma! So true.

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