C is for Cool, Catchy, Calming

I have missed Twisted Mix Tape a lot.  I was lucky enough to learn about another musical blog hosting a bloghop.  Also, I am very excited that I only missed A and B so I am jumping in on Music A to Z. C is for…..  C is for Cool.  (I’m unsure if I go with that theme or choose what C is for but I like the theme ‘cool’.)  Here are my 5 songs. 

From growing up with my grandparents and listening to Hank Williams, George Jones, and Charlie Pride, I have a deep respect for all music.  As a kid growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s, I can remember when I began to develop my own musical taste.  

C is for ‘cool’ and it is also for Cyndi Laupher.  I still love hearing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’  Since my favorite band, Matchbox 20, covered ‘Time After Time’, I found a new love for the song. 

I won’t go into great detail with this next one. I’ll just say, I have always loved CCR but found a different level of respect in 2011 when one of their songs was played at my 22 year old cousin’s funeral.  ‘Put A Candle In The Window (Long As I Can See The Light)’.  The song has a haunting yet calming effect.  It does sound cool too. 

I believe Candlebox is an amazing band that gets overlooked at times.  I can relate to their song ‘Far Behind’ and I believe it falls under the definition of cool.

I recently, thanks to a feature on an Eminem song, discovered a very talented singer.  His blues voice and amazing music puts him on my new cool list.  Jammie N. Commons.  I love the upbeat and blues sounding ‘Rumble and Sway’.  It’s not rap.  Wanted to clarify that for people that aren’t fond of Eminem. 

For my last song, I’m sure some will disagree, but I find Leonard Cohen’s music and his story telling during his songs, amazing.  I’m going to go with a more popular song, ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’.  

There it is.  My list for Music A to Z – C is for over at Ambling and Rambling.

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  1. Your song choices are great! I love the CCR, too! 🙂

    What I forgot to put into the post this week — and thanks to you, have now changed, is that the letter can represent whatever YOU want it to represent…. “C” did not have to be for “cool”… you could have used any theme or artists for which “C” was a common theme.

    I hope you come back next week… where “D” can be whatever you'd like it to be 🙂

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