Sneak Previews

Hate being indecisive,
especially standing at the crossroads 
of love, trying to decide.
Should I take the easy route, safe, secure?
Change is hard, following my heart
may not be wise, but there isn’t
any sneak previews in life. 
I’m left confused. 

donetta sifford 3-19-2014


14 responses

  1. Thank you. I wouldn't have caught that. 🙂

  2. Ah,I can so relate to this and I too hate indecisiveness!A wonderful write:-)

  3. Sneak previews would have been nice a time or two.

  4. Sneak previews might change the ending huh?

  5. Not always easy to follow your heart, eh? I hear you. Good point you make about the vagaries of life and the decisions we face.

    Shailaja's post

  6. So true, so true, life is about making choices and not looking back.

  7. I always say to follow your heart! Hopefully the narrator figures it out soon. 🙂

  8. A familiar dilemma, for sure. Very nice! (Quick typo edit – I think you meant “there aren't any sneak previews…” not “there isn't any…”!) Thanks for linking up, Donetta!

  9. Ah, confusion…my old friend. Nicely done!

  10. Hate being confused in that position. Much better when you know which way to go!

  11. confusion often prevails

  12. Tough decision! Choosing the safe and secure route isn't always easy.

  13. Indecisive's the worst thing to be at a crossroads, or with love. Tough one.
    Hey! Crossroads! : )

  14. theuncheshirewife

    Ooh that sound like a real dilemma.

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