Universal Smile

Edward Hopper, 1922 

She’s leaning slightly to the side.

The noise of other guest and staff
were making her a bit anxious.
The ambitious man across from her,
so confident in everything he said,
he was making her feel flushed.
It was more than the wine
causing her cheeks to have splashes
of pink on them as he continued talking.
No one had looked at them, whispered.
Yet, as she sat there at this fancy dinner,
in her aunt’s red hat, and her sister’s outfit,
she didn’t feel glamorous as they had promised.
She felt out of place, distracted,
and realizing she had no business in this place.
The simple fact she had no clue of anything
he had said the past 30 minutes, made
her feel backwards, uneducated, and 
even a little angry at him for not noticing.
Then just as she had decided to get up,
storm to the bathroom, and exit this place
at the back door, he looked up and smiled.
A smile that melted her in her seat and
despite all the nagging worries, her
uncomfortable situation, her feet were planted.

donetta sifford 5-19-2014

Written for: The Mag 220


6 responses

  1. I could feel her anger

  2. So glad that he finally dropped his equally nervous amd defensive guard ….

  3. The power of that certain smile!

  4. I could feel it too…nice write…

  5. Nice take on the woman's feelings.

  6. I love this. I really enjoyed how we hear the thoughts and emotions of the woman whose face is turned away from us, so there's a slightly voyeuristic feel. The build in tension makes me glad it all ends well.

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