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I discovered this site while searching about cleaning with vinegar.  I absolutely believe vinegar and water clean my windows better than anything I have ever tried.  I have a list printed out, it says, “101 Ways to Clean With Vinegar.”   While this secret has been out for far more years than I care to reflect back on, I discovered a lot more tips at this site.  Not just on vinegar.  It covers household cleaning with vinegar, bleach, salt, baking soda, borax, and dish soap.  But that’s not all.  The site goes over more than just household cleaning.  Listed are ways to make your home more green, or at least lower some cost of water and electric bills.  I know everyone has read a few items about detoxing your body, making your home more economically sufficient, natural cleaning recipes, and the list goes on.  That’s what I love about this site.  It has everything you search for and read about wrapped up in a very organized site.  Easy to navigate through, useful links to other sites, everything under the correct tab, and just a well written piece with lots of information.   (Disclaimer:  I am in no way getting paid to advertise this site.  I am simple linking to it so everyone that reads this blog can be informed about the site, because I find it interesting.)   Not sure if I needed a disclaimer since I’m not getting paid and am not in affiliation at all with this site.  But just in case.  Ever now and again, I run across a site that I think is beneficial to everyone, and here you go.  Enjoy. 

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