Internal Pain


Hearing pain in your voice,
yet I can’t find
 bruises, scraps, broken bones.
Dear Friend, you seem fine.
Voice strained, assuring me
the hurt’s no doubt there.
Longing to bring you comfort.
Feeling your despair.
Matters of the heart,
I cannot repair. 

donetta sifford 5-26-2014


21 responses

  1. I'm so glad I linked up. A very close friend is suffering through the death of her mother and I'm so close to the family. I apologize that I didn't return in time to catch up with everyone's post. All the wonderful comments are greatly appreciated.

  2. Oh my goodness. I got caught up in the last days of school, pictures, fun day, meetings. I am now going through the passing of a loved one, which seems fitting to their family that I wrote this poem. Thank you all so much for your comments and forgive me for taking awhile to get back to you. I appreciate all of your feedback!!

  3. In our heads we know that listening is what a friend can do, but in our hearts it doesn't seem like enough when a friend is in pain. Nicely done, Donetta.

  4. Such a well-versed (intentional pun) understanding of friendship and pain.

  5. So very true. Well done.

  6. Oh, we have all been there, I think – trying to help a friend through their pain, not knowing how to fix it, knowing it *can't* be fixed. I like how you approached this from the outside – somebody else's pain. Very nice take on the prompt question. Thanks for linking it up!

  7. I like your spin of comforting pain instead of bearing it. My favorite of your lines is the confrontational “Dear Friend, you seem fine.”

  8. I love your rhyme of despair with repair, and how you're first looking for a source of the pain that you can fix, longing to do something.

  9. Ditto. Such feelings of helplessness are hard to endure. Very nice!

  10. So true, Donetta. Others' pain can be so much harder to bear. Love the ending!

  11. That's a nice take on the prompt…I'm sure we can all identify with that feeling of helplessness when we want to stop someone from hurting but well, cannot.

  12. I enjoyed reading this, Donetta. Nice job!

  13. Great take on the prompt, Donetta! It's so hard to see someone you care about suffering, especially when we are powerless to fix it.

  14. If only matters of the heart could be fixed as easily as a broken bone!

  15. It can be so much harder to comfort someone emotionally than physically.

  16. Nice poem…good work.

  17. So true. Some things can never be repaired.

  18. writingreallifetofiction

    Just because we don't see the pain, doesn't mean it's not there. All pain isn't physical.

  19. Yes! Don't we wish a Band-aid could fix everything…

  20. Like the ending, ties it all together nicely. Oh, and thanks for your visit and comment on my story, much appreciated.

  21. theuncheshirewife

    Well written, and true.

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