Julep Fever

I rarely ever review products on my blog, unless it’s about a book or something of that nature.  However, while scrolling on Facebook, I found a link to Julep which read “Get Our Nail Polish Free!  Use the code “HELLOME”.  
I was curious and so I clicked on the link and sure enough I am receiving 5 different products free, with the exception of $2.99 s&h fees!  I am super excited.  I can also share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and anything my heart desires, and if anyone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, then I get some extras.  
I would like to say that I have never tried this product, nor am I’m being paid to endorse it.  I just figured all of us could use a little something to brighten our days, even if it is just nail polish, and then if friends go to your link, you get a bit extra.  So, win – win. 
Here is my link if you decide to check it out for yourself. 


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