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When all your days
begin to run together,
sleep’s a long lost friend,
do you think of our time?
Fascinating, how you turned
your life around, almost perfect.
Got to hand it to her,
she compliments your style.
We were a fad that wouldn’t last.
Still, you loved whatever we had.
We were good together, at least
until it all turned bad, so fast.
When all my days
begin to run together,
sleep’s my long lost friend,
I think about our time.
Unsettling, how my world
remains upside down.
Got to admit,
I take it in stride. 
That’s my style.


2 responses

  1. Thank you Lance. I'm glad to be back. Writer's block sucks.

  2. I like the line about being a fad, it's bitter, straight-forward and honest.

    Great 100, welcome abck

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