My Recipe for a Banana Smoothie

Netta's Banana Smoothie

Netta’s Banana Smoothie


Recently, I began doing a 30 day Pilate Challenge.  I’ve been slacking some.  I find that when I am faced with challenges, it helps if there are other people involved, holds me accountable, and not only that, but it makes the challenge more fun.  I was tagged today in a challenge on Facebook to list 3 things I am grateful for over the next 7 days.  Since people do read my post, I’ll be more likely to stick with this type of challenge.  In the nature of getting fit and using any means I can find on exercise and eating healthy, I have been interested in making a banana/strawberry smoothie,  especially since we have a new blender.   So, I made one for my bed time snack.  I didn’t have strawberries.  Since I was missing a couple of ingredients listed, I improvised with what I had and I have to say this smoothie is delicious!!!  So here are the ingredients I used. 


1 whole banana – sliced

1 cup of Very Vanilla Soy Milk

1 6.0 oz of Great Value Low Fat Cherry Yogurt 

1 teaspoon of regular sugar

Add all of these into a blender and use the blend button for about 1 minute or until desired thickness

Prep time:  10 minutes  Blending time:  1 minute  Makes 16 oz 

I poured mine into a 16 oz Ball Mason Jar so I could get a good photo of the Banana Smoothie finished. 


Ball Mason Jar



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