Finding Thankfulness

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. First, I am thankful that my girls got to spend time with their father in Jacksonville, N.C. and they also got to go to Orlando, Florida, so of course, a visit to Disney World. 

2.  I’m thankful they will be home in a couple days.  School started here early, which was Friday.  But their teachers were fine with them being on vacation. 

3.  I am thankful that I have all their school supplies ready. 

4.  Instead of complaining that our washer is not spinning out all the way, I’ll say, I’m thankful it can still be used. Hopefully until we can get another one.  I was without a washer and dryer for several years.  The things we can take for granted. 

5.  I’m thankful my cousin was released from jail after being incarcerated for over a year.  I’ll leave it at that.

6.  I’m thankful the weather is warming back up.  We had 5 or 6 days straight rain and it was fall type weather. I’m not quite ready to tell summer goodbye yet.  In my mind summer begins and ends with Memorial Day and Labor Day.  I suppose because all the pools, lakes, ect open on Memorial Day and close on Labor Day weekend. 

7.  I finally broke down and submitted one of my poems to a lit mag.  I have been wanting to for some time now and even though I just submitted it, I’m grateful I had the courage to do so.

8.  I have come to a point where I know everyone’s advice is to write everyday.  Even when I don’t feel like it. I am happy to accept the fact that I cannot write every single day.  So, I can stop beating myself up about it so much.

9.  I am very excited and happy that my god daughter has enrolled in college and this was her first week.

10.  I am trying to do the 30 day Pilate challenge and hope I can stick to it.  I’m grateful for the days I feel motivated. 

Hop over to Considerings and tell us what you’re thankful for.  My copying and pasting links isn’t working so well due to pop on my laptop, again. sigh.


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  1. Most weeks I am lucky to get my TToT scratched out on Saturday afternoon! Good job on submitting your poem, let us know when it is published!!

    1. Thank you. I hope it gets published. That would be nice. The reward is a year subscription to the magazine and I can have a publication under my belt. If it doesn’t get published, then I have more I can tweak and send.

  2. 30 days of pilates sounds fun. Good luck 🙂

    Who says write every day? Pffft! Impossible! I tried it but it got too much – write when you feel like it!

    1. Love your hair!!! I also tried with each month’s NaBloPoMo on BlogHer, but yes definitely too much. Took the fun out of writing.

  3. My washer has been on the fritz not doing the final spin for over a year. It’s not worth fixing, as there are plenty of other things wrong with it. One of these days, a new one will be purchased. Hope yours holds out for you, too!
    Good luck with the Pilates and the poetry submission!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Yeah, this one has served it’s purpose over the years. I finally figured out if I don’t load as many clothes as normal, it will spin out better. Hope you get a new one soon.

  4. with you on #6… (up here) we have not seen a single 90 degree plus day, never mind a proper ‘heat wave’…disappointed, hopefully next summer.
    agree with all on the non-self-beating over how often you write, god knows (those of is inclined to beating ourselves up) we don’t need extra reasons. The mere fact that you wonder about how much to write simply means it (the writing) is a focus of your attention, and that is more than enough. Everything else will follow from that.

    1. That is the best advice and insight I have read!!! Thank you very much!

  5. Hi to a fellow poetry lover! Would love to share poetry with you!!! And it looks like quite a fulfilling week!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I keep most of the ones I write on my other blog, I would love to read your writing and poems!!

  6. What a great week – well, minus the washing machine thing. But I love that you found the positive in it!
    Congratulations on finding the courage to submit your writing to that lit mag – good for you! No matter what happens, you were brave enough to put it “out there” for others to look at. Good luck! And no, don’t beat yourself up about not writing every day. I may be in the minority, but I don’t necessarily agree with the have to write every day theory. Write when you are moved and trust yourself!
    Have a great week! Enjoy having your girls back and happy back to school!

    1. Thank you. I feel accomplished just because I took the step to submit, and I have put that off for awhile.

  7. dyannedillon

    Sounds like you’ve had a pretty good week, except for the washing machine. But as long as it keeps doing what it’s doing, then you’ll still have clean clothes and won’t have to haul everything to a laundromat. Enjoy having your girls back!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I’m very thankful that it hasn’t stopped completely working. I have been there and it is hard.

  8. Home laundry facilities make life so much easier!
    I’m definitely in favor of NOT beating yourself up.

    1. Thanks Kristi!!!

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