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As my heart grows heavy

and my tired eyes burn,

I watch the Fates dancing

around the dimming bulb.

Spinner of life, you brought me

kicking and screaming

into a world of beauty,

hidden behind a veil of evil.

Allotter, I cannot bear a grudge

for the life you have given me.

It has been a good life.

My suffering only helped me learn,

made me strong, showed me

to appreciate the times of light.

Unturning Fate, the time draws near

for you to cut the threads of life

away from my throat, as I gasp for air.

You move around the light,

the Moirai, that Zeus himself

could not control.

Many have cursed your arrival.

To me, you’ve only brought peace.

Written for Mag 236

donetta sifford 9-12-2014


One response

  1. I like the way you addressed Unturning Fate, the Allotter, the Spinner of life .. very nice.

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