A Little Thankfulness

Sharing Ten Things of Thankful with Lizzi and the rest of the crew.


I may have to run through this list pretty quick, but I’m thinking acknowledging some thankfulness is better than not. Sometimes, it’s a great effort, but worth it. 

1.  Thankful my daughters done excellent on their midterms!!

2.   Thankful my boyfriend’s daughter had her baby last Tuesday, Ms. Annabelle Grace.  Anyone on my Facebook page can see how amazingly beautiful this baby is. 

3.   My 8 year old’s first game, cheerleading for the same school I once cheered for, the Riverlawn Rams.  She has so much energy and loves it.  The Rams also won their first game.  Now my oldest cheered when she was 8 and she was so adorable.  But it was a hassle getting her to cheerleading practice.  She enjoyed the games, but not the practice.  The following year, she played softball and that was much more her style.  Then her little sister played t-ball, but cheerleading is a strength for her.

4.  Glad for the nice weather, although the nights are getting chilly and Autumn is settling in.

5.  With Autumn settling in, I am thankful for the mountains I live in.  The leaves will start changing and the Blue Ridge Mountains are spectacular.  My favorite photos have been taken in the fall.

6.  I was raised religious.  I won’t go into that.  I will only say that it effected how I feel now about religions and such.  However, my granny always said, “When we’re down to nothing, that’s when God is up to something.”  I’m finding that to be true.

7.  Thankful for some of the amazing people in my life and thankful for the ones that weren’t so amazing.  Everything can be turned into a lesson learned.

8.  The saying, “do things for others, and you will feel good inside,”  is very much true.  Just little things can really make a difference in someone else’s life. 

9.  Wanting to go to a dentist, get my license back, and a few more goals are stressing me out.  I believe I need to rethink things or stop trying to accomplish everything at once because I get so overwhelmed when I put too much on my plate.

10.  Thankful that I’m trying to step out from writing poems and focus some on short stories and other genres.  Hopefully, I will get better. 

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.  – John Bunyon

Author: Donetta

Mother, Writer, Freelancer, Photographer, Swimmer, Hiker, Singer, Friend, Lover, Dreamer, and Scorpio. I have had 1 poem, Progress, published by an online poetry journal, The Reverie. The Mystic Blue will be publishing 3 of my poems in their upcoming Issue # 5.

11 thoughts on “A Little Thankfulness”

  1. I totally identify with #9! I am constantly drawing up lists and then making the mistake of thinking that if I do accomplish everything on it, I have not succeeded. I am thinking, maybe I need to lighten-up on that aspect of my day, if only for the fact that when I head out determined to simply do the best I can with each individual task, do I feel like I’ve accomplished something with my day.

    1. I definitely think if I lightened up on making ‘to do’ list, I wouldn’t be so stressed when I don’t get everything done. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Blue ridge mountains… That is probably my favorite mountain range.
    It is amazing how much of an impact something that seems so little and insignificant to us can mean so much to another.

  3. They might be quick, but they’re nonetheless really GOOD, for all that. It sounds like you’ve got some very positive things going on, and some great outlooks where things are less positive.

    And it’s true – I often find that if I’m in a bit of a funk, doing something for someone else makes a huge difference to my mood 🙂

  4. Midterms already?! Time is going wa-ay too fast. Your daughters must feel great about doing well on them. And happy they’re over! lol
    #7 thankful for amazing people in your life and the not so amazing. How rare. You know, to mention the not so amazing people. It’s not always easy to find those lessons. We should always look for the lesson:)
    I agree. Helping someone else does have a benefit to our own selves. So true about the little things. I’m a big believer in it’s about the “little things” in life.
    You know what everyone says – to get better you have write every day. I think there’s something to that.
    When you get to the “rethink” stage, yeah, it’s time to step back, take the deep breath and let go. It sounds as if you live in a very picturesque place so I’d be inclined to take a look out the window, or better yet go outside and let all the stuff cluttering your brain drift out:)
    The phrase “breath of fresh air” had to come from somewhere, right? lol

    1. Thank you. Yes, she does look cute. Her older sister also cheered when she was 8. Now that she’s 12, it’s try outs and all that stuff. She is wanting to cheer next year. I’m trying to avoid thinking about her in 8th grade. lol

  5. I think it is so easy to be overwhelmed with everything I think I should do, or I want to do. It’s good to remember to take one thing at a time.

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