GMO’s – Now I Know

First let me go ahead and share the article that inspired this post.  Abe’s Market shared an article about GMOs.  This article caught my eye for 2 reasons.  The 1st reason is because I had ordered from the site a cereal that promised to not only be healthy but also taste great.  I recieved my order for Honey Almond Quinoa Cereal this morning.  I had never tried a food like this.  I loved the convience of being able to eat as is, heat in the microwave for 20 seconds, or heat on the stovetop.  I chose to heat it for 20 seconds in the microwave.  My taste buds were a bit thrown off on my first bite because I prefer my cereals and oatmeal to be sweeter.  The texture was great though, and after my second bite, I’m hooked and will definitely be ordering more.  The 2nd reason, I had just read a post on Jen Kehl’s blog “I Was Against GMO’s Before It Was Cool.”  Her post made me aware of something that I hadn’t given much thought to.  So, I read this article and had to share it with her.  Which, everyone should check out her post.  It is much more informative than I can be at the moment, and she shares a link to sign a petition asking our president to take GMO’s seriously.  This probably sounds like a paid review.  I can assure it isn’t.  The only way I can gain anything from this is if someone follows my referral link to Abe’s Market, signs up for the newsletter, and actually orders something. <ahem> They do have a cool thing everyday called 2 for $2.00 which is how I ended up ordering their yummy cereal.    So, I have learned something new and beneficial.  Lucky me, my daughters love trying new things and healthy eating, so this is win, win for me!  

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