Major Throwback – Modeling?

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The Prompts:

1.) September 29th is National Coffee day. How do you like your cup?
2.) What were you blogging about last year at this time? How have things changed?
3.) Your most favorite (or lease favorite) fall fashion trends.
4.) Throwback time! Share an old photo and tell us about it.
5.) List your top favorite things about Fall.

I choose number 4.  

My god-daughter and me doing a fashion show for her uncle's girlfriend at Fashion Bug, Pulaski Virginia

My god-daughter and me doing a fashion show for her uncle’s girlfriend at Fashion Bug, Pulaski Virginia

This is a major throwback.  I’m wanting to say the year was around 1998/1999.  My god-daughter, Katrina, is now 23 years old with two beautiful sons, so yeah, this is an oldie.  Here’s what happened: my best friend who is more like family, has a brother, and at this time, his girlfriend (later to be wife and mother of his child) lived with them.  She worked at a store in our county, Pulaski, that has long since closed. Fashion Bug.  She was assistant manager and it was heading into Fall, so the store decided to have a blow out sale and along with that, Candice, decided they should have a fashion show.  She’s always been creative and her idea to model some clothes and let the customers get finger foods was a hit.  The only thing she needed was models.  I was around 20 or 21 years old in this picture. Younger than what my god-daughter is now. Time flies.   Anyway, Fashion Bug has always sold nicer women’s clothing, some casual yet formal wear, and childrens’ clothing.  She decided me and Katrina would be perfect.  I recall being a tad hesitant, because let’s face it, I’m 5’5 and nowhere near a run way model.  It had it’s perks though.  Even with a shy bone, I took drama class in high school, I liked the attention of people from a positive perspective, and the models received a discount on clothes.  Since I was getting ready to start a new job at Dish Network, I could use all the nicer clothes I could get.  Katrina was and still is a lot like me.  So, we started the show one at a time. My first outfit was a pair of jeans, a nice sweater, and white tennis shoes that made the entire outfit look fancy yet casual.  I ended up buying the shoes and sweater, but my jeans, I’m picky about where they come from. Katrina then modeled childrens jeans and I want to say she also walked down the runway in jean bibs because they were a thing back then.  For the last part of the show, her and I got to pick out dresses, hose, shoes, and any accessories.  So, here’s the last shot.  I chose my dress and shoes and I’m pretty sure Candice chose Katrina’s outfit.  Even though neither of us are models, we felt like it that day.  Customers were delighted, we had fun, and I came out with some clothes.  I also have the photo and memories.  Anyone else have a Throwback Photo to share?   Head over to Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop and link up!


3 responses

  1. I would have felt SO cool to be asked to model in a fashion show. What an awesome throwback!

  2. ljsreveries

    How fun that must have been! It probably was a real self-esteem booster too. I would probably spill something on the outfit, then trip and fall on the runway.

    1. It was fun. It seems I’m clumsier now than I was back then. Very good self esteem booster. Thank you for stopping by.

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