If It Makes You Happy

Sign to Nowhere
Haunt (noun):A place frequented by a specified person.
(Oxford dictionary)

Didn’t see the sign.
Out of nowhere, 
you became more human.
Humanity carries a burden.
The burden of flaws revealed.
Left you a Dear John letter
sprayed with my best perfume.
Spent years chasing dreams
that would always end with you.
How many years has it been
since I snuck out in the night?
Found you in our old haunt
with another close by your side.
Started to leave, my curiosity
had always made me feel small.
Your hazel eyes found me.
Careful to hide all emotion,
I waved goodbye like a friend.
Driving around in this small town
hasn’t cleared my head, and
six beers later, still can’t think
how to mention what’s left unsaid.
Three miles until I reach
the state line, I feel hopeless. 
Sheryl Crow sang to me
as I sped up, “If it makes me
happy”, why does it hurt this much.

donetta sifford 10-5-2014

Written for: Grammar Ghoul Press


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  1. Thank you for stopping by!!

  2. Donetta this was sad and beautiful at the same time. Nicely done!

  3. Awww. Thank you. I'm glad.

  4. Thank you Janna. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by.

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  6. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  7. I really like this.

  8. This was beautiful and aching. I like the Cheryl Crow reference at the end…

  9. I enjoyed the flow and the rhythm of this. It was easy to get lost in your words.

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