Broadsided Special Features: Responses: Ebola 2014

Broadsided Special Features: Responses: Ebola 2014

Having a horrifying new virus spread throughout our country, as well as the rest of the world, it’s enough to put fear in anyone.  I am keeping the families that have lost someone they love, are afraid they may have it, the families being quarantined until they know if they are sick, and for the others who see this happening, and hope no one else loses their lives, while praying this doesn’t become an epidemic that is fatal for so many. 

It is wonderful of the celebrities, organizations; such as the newest, and people from all walks of life trying to help raise money to help families and everyone else.  

For some that can’t send money, or has no way to volunteer, Broadsided Press decided to host the art and poetry submissions so everyone can have a chance to write about their thoughts, feelings, and maybe help someone that reads the poetry.  Even without submissions, everyone can be a vector.  Go to Broadsided Press to learn more.

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