Would You Laugh At Cancer?

So, we all read up on our favorite celebrities.  Sometimes we read up on the ones we dislike.  The ones that put on such a horrible show, or public display, that it’s like a train wreck; we don’t want to watch but can’t turn away.  There are gossip columns, photographers, magazines, and bloggers who dedicate themselves to finding the worst dressed, the worst of plastic surgery, the worst behavior, and the list goes on.

However, if a celebrity had cancer of any kind, and suddenly photos started showing up in your news feed with that celebrity caught on camera without a wig.  Another caught in a photo right after having chemo.  Would people read this for enjoyment or would they be appalled and end the photographer and magazines career?  I would like to think most of humanity have compassion, and of course would not be hungry to see any celebrity in photos struggling.

Then again, we all seem glued to the trainwrecks;  the rise and fall of stars such as Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe.  How many have watched the movie “Mommy Dearest” which portrays the adoptive daughter’s view after Crawford was dead and Christine learned her mother had cut her out of the will.  While the other 3 siblings maintain Joan Crawford could be tough and strict, but never abusive and cruel.    Who hasn’t read up about the death of Michael Jackson or watched and read about Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, suing the throat surgeons after her mother has passed away?

People do seem to be attracted to the morbid stories of celebrities, whether it’s the latest divorce, affair, court hearing, or death.  Now, I’m as guilty as the next.  I’m also realistic, once someone puts themselves in the public eye, their right to privacy is technically given away.  Even in death, it’s hard for anyone to let them rest in peace. Robin Williams’ tragedy has taken the public and celebrities by storm.  I have  watched the interviews of all the stars talking about the joy he brought to others. The interviews with his closest friends.  I seen a headline yesterday, “Robin Williams – Autopsy Results”  I didn’t read it or anything.  I have heard all these people saying what laughter and joy he brought into their lives, so for this to happen is unbelievable and very hard to accept.

A lot of people don’t understand how a person that has who is surrounded by loving family and friends, feel like they are so alone, they don’t want to live anymore.  I have Bipolar # 2, OCD, anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, and on top of that, I’m a recovering addict.  Substance abuse and mental illness often are related due to the person with the illness self medicating to feel normal.  That was the case with me.  I know the nights of insomnia, the thoughts running so fast in my head, I can’t get the words out fast enough, the horrible feeling of being in a check out line with a buggy full of groceries, and literally having to walk out because one person got behind me in line and I felt boxed in, trapped, and unable to breathe.  I know the frustrations of well meaning friends that say, “Well, if you would get out of the house some, you would feel better.”  No, I won’t. 

The years of wrong diagnosing, experimenting with different medicine, seeing different doctors, and feeling hopeless, they can take a toll on the strongest person.  So, I’m reading celebrity news, and an article was written about the star, Amanda Bynes, her suffering from mental illness, and people all over the social networks posting about her situation.  The article ask a good question.  If she had breast cancer and a photographer caught her in a bad moment with her hair gone, posted it up, would we the public be appalled or is it just news too?  Bipolar isn’t a disease that is laughable, no matter who has it.  Mental illness does not discriminate against people.  It can happen to anyone.  To learn more about this disease and other mental illnesses, you can go to the site, DBSA.  (depression and bipolar support alliance).  

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