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Memories can be dangerous, tangled.
Leaving out the worst nightmares.
Saw you today, looking older, tired.
My mind began to romanticize, glorify
all of our past spent together, idealized.
Moonstruck from the beginning, head trip.
Laughing until tears dripped down my face.
Envision others there dancing, drinking.
They’re a blur in space where all I seen
was your green eyes smiling back at me.
May be the booze, the drugs, or a stage
causing me to place you higher than them.
Those last moments of an era torn apart
when you decided you couldn’t love me.
Saw you today, looking older, tired.
Quickly turned away before your eyes
met mine, you always seen through me.
Terrified you’d see the weary version
of myself, tired too, from life.
I’d rather leave you with daydreams
of me in a short skirt, being your girl. 

Written for Magpie Tales – Mag 256
donetta sifford 2-4-2015


5 responses

  1. Wow, we all have that past. Incredibly touching resolution of a memory. Donetta, this is super.

  2. I like the personality that comes through with this informal voice.

  3. Great wine improves with age so why shouldn't you? Mind you, so does cheese – not sure what that tells us!

  4. love the last two lines!

  5. Sun in the eighth house ….bravo

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