Searching Times Three

Magpie Tales

Searching for faith, hope, and love
Feeling fancy in our best dresses.
What a lovely family the dark robed
woman says as we leave, creepy 
tumbles to mind as I pretend 
not to hear her raspy voice, old age.
I walk to church every week, and 
yet I feel no faith toward mankind.
No hope of an ever after, a better place.
The only love I found so far
radiates from the parking lot 
of the liquor store, facing the gym. 
It is an unconditional love, not demanding.

Donetta Sifford 4-10-2015

Written for Magpie Tales

6 responses

  1. Thank you for stopping Tess.

  2. Thank you. Sometimes my poetry takes a dark turn even when I don't exactly start out with that intention.

  3. Thank you. It seems life would inspire me more but I needed a break. Thanks for stopping by Ann!

  4. Powerful statement…

  5. Good work. I didn't respond to the prompt this week because I knew it would take me to dark places, but you did it beautifully. Nice write.

  6. This is a dark and chilling revelation. It is good to see you posting.

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