Cat and Mouse

                 Hunt (verb)

Search determinedly for someone or something.
Visual Prompt:
Provided by:  Suzanne Purkis of Apoplectic Apostrophes

Sun shines on my face,
wind plays with my hair.
Only sound I can hear,
waterfalls crashing down.
The angry noise 
echoes my moods.
I close my eyes
to the visions of you.
This time I want control.
I’ll say when we’re through.
Cat and mouse games
have me feeling confused.
Fool that I am,
I hunt for you, your touch.
Sun starts to set,
chill in the air.
Waterfalls pound rocks below.
The melancholy noise
wraps around me.
Come find me this time. 


10 responses

  1. That is true. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very my for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Beautiful work, Donetta! I love the raw emotion in this. 🙂

  4. After all that hunting, sometimes it's just as rewarding to be hunted. Nice one!

  5. I specially love, “The angry noise
    echoes my moods.” Good writing!

  6. I love the end. Come find me this time. Good piece.

  7. Your verse speaks to the pervading anger and desire for vengeance but you've subtly woven the longing nicely throughout.
    I like this.

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