Mother’s Day Guide

31 May Writing Prompts


  1.  Carnations:   Flowers are a lovely way of saying thanks to our mothers for all they do.  Carnations are actually the flower used to celebrate Mother’s Day.  You can read the history here.
  2.  A book of poetry is a huge deal.  Making your own small book, or writing your own poems makes the gift so much more special.  Not the creative, poetry writing type, stores sell great poetry books for mothers. Pinterest has a lot DIY sites and images to get creative. 
  3.  Depending on age, nothing says, “I love you, Mom.” on Mother’s Day than helping with some chores.  Washing dishes, clean the house for the day, pick a chore your mother hates and do it for her.  ex:  Taking out the trash.  
  4.  Food is a tasty way to show mom love.  Take her out to eat at her favorite place.  Breakfast in bed is the most relaxing way to start off her day.  
  5.  All women and mothers are different, so whether it’s chores, breakfast, flowers, or a movie she enjoys, I believe taking time to let her know how appreciated she is makes every mother feel special on Mother’s Day. 
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