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I have a lot of curly hair tips. 38 years worth. This is a great post!

Meghan Did It

Curly Girl Boticelli long Me (2008) – Long hair

I get a lot of people asking me about my hair.  A lot.  I’ve been stopped in malls and flagged down on streets.   People have even written to me desperately wanting to know what I do to my hair so they can emulate my apparent success.

People are  begging for help, totally at a loss and wondering how they can get their curls to come to heal.   The positive attention is all very flattering but it also makes me a sad because it’s clear to me that info on caring for curly hair is sparse and hard to come by.  Many stylists don’t really know how to work with curly hair, so  people are at an utter loss and don’t know where to begin.

loose curls Me with medium length hair (2011)

medium curly hair Me (2011) – Curls a bit limp…time for a protein treatment!

Curly hair…

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