Poetic Love

When someone ultimately ask,
“How did you two meet?”
Words that come to mind are;
our love was favored by the gods,
Eros and Anteros both plunged
arrows of love into our hearts.
Our eyes met, it was poetic.
Hugging bye was filled with promise.
Caught up in the laughter,
sublime feeling in my stomach.
Thousand butterflies fluttering about,
tickling my insides with soft wings.
First kiss left me feverish, dizzy.
Going to bed, waking up to your breathing,
better than any dream I can imagine.
I feel my lips forming words,
“Through a mutual friend.”

Donetta Sifford 5-19-2015

One response

  1. Wonderful contrast and so insightful re: what we show to the world vs. what we feel inside.

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