Worth the Climb – Book Review Worthy

“some moments are nice, some are
nicer, some are even worth
Charles Bukowski,

What makes Audrey J. Snyder’s memoir, “Worth the Climb”,  worth reading is the fact that she overcame the moments that weren’t nice.  

Audrey’s story is one of struggles, obstacles, and determination.  As a Black American Woman, she realized she would have to work hard and be strong willed to succeed in Corporate America, where white men already had an advantage.  Being raised by a grandmother who believed Audrey’s success was limited to nursing or teaching did not discourage her.  She had inherited from her great, great Cherokee grandmother determination and strength to face challenges.

Worth the Climb” begins in the year 1976, when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) had corporations trying to fill quotas of hiring minorities.  Rather than hold onto anger, Audrey embraced the chance to move up in the corporation where she worked.  Although some co-workers and peers resented her position, she pushed ahead, focusing on helping other Black Americans realize their dreams.  This would prove to be a challenge.  Standing up to a hiring manager who called all Black American Women “whores”, and realizing the complaint fell on deaf ears, Audrey still held her head high and held others to the standards she lives by.  

Audrey also had to decide between staying in a position that wasn’t fulfilling, or take the chance with resigning. Deciding to follow her heart, she found a more promising, exciting career path, and enrolled in college to further her education.  Obstacles were everywhere, from race discrimination to religious discrimination.  As America was changing, some things remained the same in the corporate world.  

With all the struggles, Audrey could have became bitter and angry.  Instead, she gathered strength from her heritage.  She stayed encouraged with a supportive husband, an aunt who inspired her, and her desire to break barriers for other Black Americans trying to make it into the corporate world.  This is a story of courage that will inspire anyone that feels discouraged.  

Audrey’s memoir is full of self reflection and how others perceive their co-workers.  A must read for anyone who needs a blast of positivity and reality.  “Worth the Climb” can be purchased on Amazon.  To learn more about Audrey J. Snyder you can go to her site where you’ll find her blog, as well as book reviews and her impressive resume. I’m honored that I won an autographed copy of this amazing book.

Stay Encouraged!

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