“Oh Father, if you never wanted to live that way, if you never wanted to hurt me, why am I running away? Maybe someday, when I look back I’ll be able to say, “You didn’t mean to be cruel. Somebody hurt you, too.”    {Madonna} 

Spent time as a child
wondering where you were.
Angered by a photo
I cherished of you
holding two little girls
with red hair.
They looked just like me.
Your smile mirrored mine.
Proud uncle you seemed to be.
Maybe it’s better I met you
when I was older in life,
when I’d let go of my hurt
and swallowed my pride.
Heard your reasons why.
I simply let you lie.
What did it matter then?
What does it matter now?
I done fine without you around.
Lay all my bitterness aside
hearing the news you were gone.
Hope the Father welcomed you home.
 Same as I would for any stranger.

donetta sifford 6-16-2015

This is for a poetry prompt on The Reverie – Daddy Issues


One response

  1. All the wonderful things about you he missed out on. Tragic for you both. I'm glad that despite the pain you seem well adjusted. God bless.

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