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Thunder was rumbling up the coast
Matched the darkness in your eyes
I’m frightened now, scared of all your lies
Loving you has been suicide
It was the mystery,  the intrigue, that pulled me in
I would trade all of New England to erase where we’ve been
You landed lines better than any script a writer plans
If I was a betting woman,  all my money would be lost
If breaking hearts was against the law,
the police would lock you up
Baby,  it’s torture, the games you play
My tears are burning on my cheeks
You’re still hiding something from me
You murder feelings without a worry
Yet here I stand,  wanting you to hold me
Doesn’t it matter I am still by your side
Damn love and foolish pride

Written for The Reverie Journal prompt


Donetta is a Freelance Writer residing in VA. Her poems have appeared in The Mystic Blue Review, Spillwords and Ink & Voices. She writes articles on Medium and HubPages.

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