Peace – One Word Challenge


I cannot believe it is September already. Only 4 months left of 2015. I ran across a blog earlier while posting a prompt on mine. I love the challenges that I’ve seen so far.

The ‘One Word Challenge’  takes. the place of all the New Year’s Resolutions that I’m guilty of making and slowly forgetting them,  one by one.

So I have chosen the word “peace.”  I mean peace in every sense of the word. I want peace of mind instead of all the stress I’ve been feeling.  I want peace financially.  I want peace with people,  even the ones full of drama. I want my 2 beautiful girls to feel peaceful.

I truly need peace within.

So, how do I plan to accomplish all this peacefulness for September and throughout the remaining year? Ah….. I definitely need meditation and yoga back into my daily life. As ! for my quest: I will meditate and see what happens from there.

This is written because of the One Word Challenge.