My Bed


Writing Prompt

This is from Writer’s Write

“Hey girl. I know I’m comfortable. Not just in the normal way. I realize I provide comfort when your days have been so long and you need a hiding place. The world doesn’t stop turning though, as you block your eyes from the  sun with your favorite blanket. I’ll be here to bring you rest and retreat. I think you need to get up, try to enjoy or change your days. Maybe come up with a routine. Turn to me for 8 hours of sleep. Just stop sleeping life away. As much as I understand,  important people in your life worry or slip away.
Thanks for the time. Hope you can learn from my little input. Now meditate and lay down.
Love always,
Donetta’s Bed

2 responses

  1. My bed would say, “have you been cheating on me? We don’t spend enough time together.”

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