The Book I Wish I’d Written


This is a prompt from Writer’s Write.

The one book I have read several times and wish I would have written is “Paint It Black” by Janet Fitch.  The characters are brilliantly written and in one’s case, even though dead,  his personality and his life dominate the book.  In fact, as the reader gets familiar with the characters,  it’s plain to see that his death is the reason for their connection, the reason they love, the reason they hate, and his lingering presence afterlife is what makes this book amazing.
It’s the kind of book with the type of characters a reader can love, hate, and feel pity for. A reader can decide that the dead is selfish or that while alive, too much was expected of him.
The twist and turns along with beautiful sentences is what leaves me astounded. I had already decided Fitch was one of my favorite writers.  This book only goes on to show why.


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  1. Good pick! I think I would pick Anne of Green Gables, because she’s such a beloved character and she’ll be around for generations.

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