Finally Simple Steps To The Fast Up Do

These simple up do hairstyles really are SIMPLE!  I search Pinterst, beauty magazines, and anywhere else I see “simple steps to a perfect up do” & then there’s like 5 steps.  Before my eyes, even a high ponytail turns into a task made for a scientist.
I took a chance on reading and watching this post…. gorgeous styles that truly are simple.  I will try one a day for the next 3 days and share my experiment each day on here.
Does anyone else have any tips on a fast, simple hair fix?
With my hair being naturally curly or frizzy…. I do have to take a little extra time with my hair.  I’ve just learned over the past few years of trial and error some great curly hair tips. If anyone wants to read up on some super tips for naturally curly hair, let me know in the comments.  Thanks to my regular readers! You keep me blogging.

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