The Night Before



Through the window of my lover’s bedroom the grey sky is beginning to burst with tints of pinks and reds.

I know daylight will soon open up, spilling sunlight onto his glorious face and though I long to commit that picture into my mind, I must not be here when his blue eyes sleepily awake.

Slipping out of his king sized bed to throw my clothes on hastily, I fancy leaving him a note, an explanation for my departure. The thought of good intention leaves my mind as I quietly open the door.

Flagging down a cab at the break of dawn makes the night before seem tawdry. Lying in his arms becomes my dirty secret again and I hope my husband has left for work so I can lie in our queen sized bed and try to remember the magic I share with another.

Written by Donetta Sifford for Yeah Write’s Poetry Grid.



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