she is

ed ross

photo by Ed Ross

many overlook the determination in her eyes, darkened by secrets she’s chosen to hide. some call her selfish and unkind, but would they have survived one day of her life? she is strong like she was taught to be. burying her feelings and tears deep so when she breaks,letting it all go, that’s a moment of trust very few will ever know. she knows love, the closest thing to spirituality she swears was holding her two babies when they came into her world, innocent, like angels in their purest form, gifts from God when her journey seemed too long. nobody on earth can judge or hold her down long. they’ll all be proven wrong anyhow. she is fire, water, earth, and wind. she’s simply who she is……. she is woman.

written for Magpie Tales 301



2 responses

  1. Sandra Maria Luz

    phenomenal woman…:)

    1. Thank you although I would never claim to be anywhere close to Maya Angelou. ☺

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