10 Titles

Writer’s Digest has offered up 12 simple writing plans.  I’m not sure about the simple yet, but here goes for day 1…

  1. Thoughts of An Addict
  2. Growing Up In Parrott
  3. A New 12 Steps
  4. Looking Up From Rock Bottom 
  5. Screaming Silently 
  6. The Bully In Us All
  7. Time in a Bottle of Jim Beam
  8. Small Towns and the Gossip Effect
  9. The Lies We Whisper
  10. Pretty Little Love Song

Well, there is my list. Seemed a simple task but actually thinking up potential titles for a book I’d like to write proved to be harder than I thought.  They are all original as far as I know, and hope. Does any sound like a book you’d pick up to consider reading? Please feel free to share in the comments. 


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  1. ps called your Donella for no some reason, my bad. I type too fast and only realise things after posted! Apologies!

    1. Not a problem. My name is a bit different. Thank you for sharing your insight with me and i can use all the advice I can get. I’ve slacked some on the days of the challenge. So, I will definitely check out your article on writer’s block. Small towns… they draw people in. I’ve lived in my hometown 39 years with a population of approximately 300. I may do a post about what my town has and what it lacks. Gossip runs rampant for sure. Again, thank you for stopping by!

  2. Hey Donella, well done for taking up the challenge! It drove me nuts but you’re taking to it with far more grace. In relation to the titles, I def think – my partner and I living in a small town as we do – the “Small Towns and The Gossip Effect” would be a title to follow up on – with the following challenge : try incorporating the personality/physicality traits exercise into a short ( or long ) story with said title!

    Liking the layout of your blog, ps. Blasts mine outta the water.

    If you’re bored or struggling, check out my own article on writers block.


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