The Lake and Him

Day 3 of Writer’s Digest 12 day simple writing plan.  I skipped a day but sometimes I need a little breathing room…


Day 3:
Write a setting based on the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

She could feel her breath catch as she stared out across the large lake.  The autumn sun bounced off the water making it look warm and inviting.  Their shelter with rows of picnic tables was the only one on their side of the lake.  Built on top of a hill, the view of the lake below was stunning.  Paddleboats were docked below the shelter and it was $5 to take one out on the lake, including the life jackets. She practically ran down the grassy hill to pay the man waiting.  Paddling toward the farther side of the lake, the sun seeming to play peek-a-boo behind a gorgeous mountain, she felt young and free again. Wind blew whips of her hair around her face as she circled around to take the boat back to the landing dock.  The burn in her thighs and calves reminded her she needed to exercise more.  The sun was getting low, preparing to set for the day as she paddled on. Staring up the hill toward the shelter, she caught a glimpse of him in his jeans, shirt unbuttoned, leaning against one of the post. For the second time that day, her breath was taken by the beautiful sight before her.


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