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I watch the waves crash into the rocks below me as the wind rushes through my hair.

Smell of rain in the air tickles my nostrils.

I close my eyes, pretending you are with me on this salty day.

Written for: Magpie Tales


13 responses

  1. The sea reminds me of salty days and a warm breeze…

    1. I love a warm breeze and the smell of the ocean.

  2. HOPEFUL and romantic! Perfect.

  3. I am a lover of the ocean and I liked your depiction of its pleasures.

  4. Love the atmosphere you created!

  5. But I was there, smelling the salty air as well ;).

  6. The sea is always with me on the lower peninsula of Holland where I live. Seagulls are backyard sightings and the smell of salt is definitely something I no longer smell until I am away and return, smelling its soothing odour and taste upon my tongue once more. I am hooked on these sensations!

    1. It’s amazing how we can get use to smells, and other sensations surrounding us. Sounds lovely where you live. I’m in the Appalachian Mountains here in the USA and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love going further south and to the Atlantic Ocean.

  7. A salty day; what a wonderful way to convey the mood.

    1. Thank you. I almost changed it and then last minute decided to leave it. Glad you stopped by.

  8. Very romantic.

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