Christ’s Sin

christ-in-the-wilderness stanley spencer

Christ in the Wilderness by Stanley Spencer

Oh, Father, I have felt all. Temptation wrapping around me darker than a moonless night.

Pride whispered I’d prevail. Then envy gripped my heart. I dreamed of Mary Magdalene with another lover and wrath ran through my veins.

Even as I prayed, I know I’m the chosen one but for that what do I own? Greed laughed somewhere inside me as I struggled to stay sane.

Father, how can you expect me not to feel lust for the woman I saved? Am I to overlook her beauty and kind heart?

A terrible sadness has consumed me and I didn’t want to move. Gluttony took over as did sloth. Depression?

I feel what every man must feel and even in my death, they will still be simple men. This test you lay before me, I have surely failed.

As my blood sheds and I’m nailed to the cross, how can I condemn their natural feelings? Through all my pain and suffering, as my body aches, I will still gaze down into Mary’s eyes and wish I could tenderly hold her.

Written for Magpie Tales



3 responses

  1. Doesn’t align with my own view of Christ, but I think you expressed it well. Nicely done! =)

    1. Thank you for being open minded and commenting. I appreciate it more than you know.

  2. Human, All Too Human !

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