Feels like I’m really sinking. Feels like I’m broken into. Feels like I’m invisible. Doesn’t feel like me without you.

Seems I’m losing a battle. Sometimes I don’t even care. I’m everything ugly you said I was, if it makes you feel better somehow.

I’m not sure why I hold on. Does anyone see my tears? Does anyone see my struggle? I’ve hidden it well for years. Sleep is my sweet escape from everything and everyone I fear.

Should I say goodbye forever? What will make you happy dear?

Written for VisDare 


3 responses

  1. it’s 4p.m. ill b at my house for awhile putting my window in.

  2. it’s been a month. you hurt me and had me arrested… I love you but I needed to know 100% you had my back. I’m sorry for my part but I didn’t deserve this at all… I wish you the best.

  3. As you did mine.

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