This Place


Four in the morning, radio playing that song
Reminding me how everything went wrong
Still I can’t seem to find any reason why I should be alone
Mascara leaving black trails down my face
Explain to me how we even come to this place
Broke down, beaten, and tired of pain
How could you leave me screaming your name
Promised to love me for the rest of our days
Was my emotions just a game
My heart will never be the same
A year gone by and now it’s a crying shame
I couldn’t make you love me

Written for VisDare

*I normally don’t use rhyming in my poetry but I thought I’d play with it some. Anyone want to share your opinion…. please leave a comment.*


5 responses

  1. Such a voice of aching and regret here. Lovely work. I just want to hug her.

  2. my fone is out of minutes. that’s why I can’t call out and I’m not getting any text from you. it says mine are going out. idk y. so if you are texting me, I’m not getting them. I don’t want you in prison, nor jail… I could have gotten a warrent on you the day Miller arrested me and I didn’t. I’m not like that. and you know this.

  3. I tried texting you but no reply. This is my heart on the line and it’s broken.

    1. sissy’s. did you not get my text I sent today? you still have the same number don’t you

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