CoverGirl’s Latest Brand Ambassador Is a Hijab-Wearing Muslim | The Daily Dot
This is amazing. CoverGirl took a risky and worthwhile chance when they graced their cover with their first male CoverGirl. Now to share this beautiful woman on the cover has made CoverGirl my favorite brand again. 

CoverGirl is showing the world the beauty in diversity and differences. To break away from the “normal” models is fresh, new, and perfect timing. 

Being different is beautiful and CoverGirl has showcased this beauty. 

I believe their newest faces say to young ladies and young men that it is okay not to look like everyone else. The media can influence how people view beauty and so many people compare themselves to models they see on television, in magazines, and social medias. 

I hope this is a step for everyone to embrace who they are and be happy with their looks. Beauty comes from the inside and shines on the outside.

Shout out to CoverGirl! 

Any thoughts on the latest CoverGirl covers? 

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